Downloads Mobo ID Tools. Read on and see the rest of the review, news at eleven! The stability on this motherboard was significantly better then that of the Asus. In able to get the full functionality of the USB 2. Initial tests show that this motherboard nearly reaches the performance levels of the SiS reference board. It has good overclocking abilities and tweak optios also.

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This motherboard has all the features you will need excluding LAN and brings it to the table at a decent price.

Downloads Mobo ID Tools. As one of the first, Shuttle has finally heard the calls several test-sites have been making for quite some time now, in regard to the existing board designs. Qbit bring you an extensive test of Serial ATA in two months at the latest, when hard disks with this new interface arrive on the market. Ships with the following: Top Ausstattung und Performance Gotapex.

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Since the does generate quite a bit of heat under full load, it’s reassuring that Abit is trying to do the little things right. Competition is good, and this will only drive prices down further.

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This shows that Shuttle is on the right way and is able to compete with the bigger manufacturers. Chip Romania issue March It has a good layout, offers pretty good features and wont cost an arm and a leg. The plus side of course is that the lack of added-value features leaves the cost of the motherboars very nicely low.


With all those connectors, it is definitely one of the best features board around. This is a good location for the headers, as it keeps the wires on the top of the board and out of the CPU’s air path. It’s got everything you could possibly ask for.

This means that the width of the cable alone shrinks from 5 cm to 8 mm. There are two fan headers located above the CPU for using a multitude of different cooling solutions and fans. With Abit long known for openly adopting overclockers as their own producing a SiS motherboard, things are certainly starting to get interesting There are six 2.

As I stated earlier, I was extremely disappointed with the P4S8X and its performance and must admit I blamed most of it on the chipset. Low price for a nice board with future tech If you want a nice board that will enable you to use future tech, current tech, and has a decent price go for the Shuttle AS So what do you get with the mobo? Many of the other boards using this same chipset combination can only support 2GB of PC memory and only allow the use of two of the three DIMM slots available.

ABIT SR7-8X (SiS 648): DDR400-Powered

The layout of the board is pretty good, the IDE drive connectors are in the perfect location to the right of the DIMM slots – this way the cables don’t block the case airflow or interfere with the PCI expansion cards. No drives are currently available 684 the SATA controllers but in the next month or so that will be a changing scene as drives will be available in time for the holiday season. It is equipped with SiS chipset and offers a large set of features.


Empfehlung und Platz 1 aus Tests Thors-Hardware. There are various BIOS options that allow the user to custom tailor their CPU and system environment, which is something that we will go into further in the setup section of the motherboqrd. The SMBus connector is a multi-device bus that permits multiple chips to work on the same bus and enables each one to act as master device by initiating data transfers.

But it is highly doubtful that there is many that will find it very useful. Serial ATA uses a cable that is so small as to be almost non-existent visually and allows a much cleaner system environment to be built which offers better air circulation than the conventional cables permit.

Now if you keep that in mind, it makes sense to put the AS45 v1.

Editor’s Choice Award What is there to say about this board. To be honest we’re a bit surprised by the lack of features not included on the Abit SRX. I have not previously owned any Shuttle products but based on their website, it looks as if they are pretty good at releasing BIOS updates for their products. The chipset supports both Siw.