If the cover is off the computer, one can see one or two blinking LEDs on top of the card indicating its DSP is running and communicating with the driver. Thanks for the response. The following parameters can be set: Additionally, the ASI makes available two opto inputs and two relay outputs via a second bracket attached to the ASI using a pin ribbon cable. I don’t see the need for a expensive card. The only thing I can think of is that this has to do with sync settings.

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ASI5111 PCI and ASI5211 PCI Express Linear Sound Cards

Maybe I’m ask the post wrong. I’d invest in a pro audio card as there is less opportunity for crap to creep up in your audio from an unbalanced audio source. If issues persist, please email support audioscience. For a new card no changes need to be made.

Added image of ASI Thread Tools Show Printable Version. If the cover is off the computer, one can see one or two blinking LEDs on top of the card indicating its DSP is running and communicating with the driver. It is essentially a block diagram of the device showing the available physical inputs and outputs on the right hand side.


Simian automation system questions

I use these devices instead: I have my doubts that Windows 8 adi run a lemonade stand. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

I buy a plastic Hammond box from Mouser and mount the card inside the box–makes for a much more stable installation. Filter Freq — The center frequency of the filter. Somewhat more tricky to get to work, but the current version of Simian supports it.

There are two types of drivers for Windows: Everything else is down the list. Enable all 4 of the devices in the control panel and you should end up with 4 input options to choose from. If two or more adapters are installed in the same system, the first thing to check is that the adapters were assigned unique adapter numbers.

See the list of controls in the previous section that that are only available in ASIControl. If I use the ASIO driver class in Audition, I’m only shown a single “Default Input” stream 1 and can select among either the left or right physical input to map to the left or right stereo Audition channel. However, I haven’t been able to get Audition CS5. By default, only bus based i. Just one more High-Tech disappointment Note that the sample rate clock does not determine the sample rates of the audio streams that may be played and recorded.


[RDD] Getting Started: Ubuntu 14.04.02 / ASI 5211

As I described, not just an issue of sound quality but one of the proper functioning of the system. Simian automation system questions The quality of a sound blaster, because it’s unbalanced audio, might not be the best option for you. This lists the hardware revision.

As to Simian, as I understand it will take triggers from a variety of 3rd party devices for satellite show switching and console triggers ect.

Broadcast Tools makes a device that will accept triggers and issue relay commands, this is a serial device you can use a USB to serial adapter to control it, since serial connections have vanished from most computers.

A reboot is necessary after changing adapter mode. Make sure the adapter jumper is set to adapter index 1, the factory default. Not much more was revealed.

BSI AirStation Radio Automation System

Added new block diagram. Thanks again for the response. It is installed by default.