Fix an issue that could potentially have made the driver fail when opened a second time. GUI moved into its own thread completly. In buffered non-DMA- mode the driver is now less likely to drop input buffers. Fix a4apanel64 crash on exit not that anyone would have noticed. There now is a new check box ‘Force 16bit Samples’, which activates a workaround for a situation where the WDM driver reports a bit depth of e.

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Asus P4B Audio Driver 2. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country.

ASIO4ALL – Download

But even if done properly, these calculations can never give accurate results. Makes Reason workaround obsolete i.

This does not happen in hardware buffered mode, for it is virtually impossible to overload the WDM subsystem in this mode. Otherwise, the behaviour should be entirely transparent. Further, you may have ended up in a situation where decent latency figures were achievable 48kHz, but severe crackling did occur at This is entirely beyond any driver control.

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Never mind the intstalled base out there. Add ability to recover from surprise removal of USB audio devices. And if you are what could be referred to as “wealthy” and you absolutely feel that my name should appear in your asio4alo will, feel free to contact me at any time of the day, any day Something to try on your own is to check your hardware manufacturer’s Web site for driver updates and make sure you have the latest service pack installed asio4alp your OS.


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ASIO4ALL – Universal ASIO Driver

There is a new check box now which you are supposed to check if and only if you are running Reason with this driver. Notably, device interfaces are no longer shown whenever they don’t need be. There now is a new check box ‘Force 16bit Samples’, which activates a workaround for a situation where the WDM driver reports a bit depth of e.

The Windows internal USB audio driver usbaudio.

If univesral prospect of a 48kHz unkversal sample rate bothers you: Another reason is – even though it might not actually mean that – accepting donations would give me a sense of owing to people – removing the aspect of a recreational activity from the project at least somewhat.

The time the audio information needs to travel from system memory into the output jacks of your sound card. Note that some of these apply to version 1. This only applies to buffered mode i.

Check the ‘Always Resample More detailed information about cookie management with specific web browsers can be found at the browsers’ respective websites. Workaround added for extremely low bandwidth devices, such as audio devices on Toshiba Bluetooth stack and possibly othersif you’re into that kind of thing Should sort of fix things for Tracktion, too. The quality of this, more often than not, is very questionable.


Some localizations are still in the pipe. It does not need an extra thread, get rid of it!

ASIO4ALL Quick review – Free download – Universal ASIO driver for WDM audio.

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This is especially true for consumer grade stuff, where you can be assured that the drivers shipped with it are most likely ‘consumer grade’ as well. I did the leg work reading up on that DSP stuff. These third-party ad servers or ad networks use technology in their respective advertisements and links that appear on www.

ASIO4ALL reports to the application the latency it adds to the audio stream, but some applications chose to ignore the return values of the ASIOgetLatencies function and use a rather naive calculation instead.