It is also more flexible than the Tfight Click here and here to read two of them. Thought so then and still think so now. Mit diesen Racquet hat er Wimbledon in gewonnen. Used to weight up the Babolats when I played with them. Specs are not exactly the same, the later ones are stiffer and more refined on Agassi’s request , the orange and the last one share the same mould, the first yellow one is a different one, had much longer handle, different throat etc Headsize 95sq”, Length 27″.

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What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. The specs are something like the Prince Phantom rackets. Thanks to free shipping in some of the active listings, it won’t cost you an prl and a leg.

Orion Semi-Pro Dec 3, My grommets were jacked and I was unsuccessful in finding any replacements. PT, TFight atp ltd 16m, donnay pro penta 97 16m?

Additional Information Additional Information. Al Czervik Hall of Fame Dec 3, Sorry, but that’s the truth.

Donnay Pro One 97 16×19 is the reason for the RF97A | Talk Tennis

It’s possibly a point HH. Hard to find or rare, used, and new models racquet. I have not played a sub 60 RA racquet in a while and it sure is an acquired taste. Still plays great but has some wear and tear on it.


Racquet Review: Donnay Pro One 16 x 19 |

Thee is a guy close to here that plays with them and has been for over a year. Another ultra rare and very hard to find tennis racket.

proo I owned both at one point and they are close in terms of shape mold obviously minus pws that is wilson only. We all have our own little tennis journey ahead of us.

They didnt send me the tracking number so I guess it will be more like an easter egg surprise. That pro stock Verdasco is a nice stick! I had torn a tendon in my wrist and needed a stick that wasn’t gonna translate a lot of shock to my wrist.

They arrived a couple of days ago. I will let you know if I hear of one. Personally I don’t mind the color of the racquet. I used amore powerful multi in it and still did not have any trouble with balls flying on me. I currently own 5 Angells.

They should have bought out the yellow and domnay PJ. Now that this has been bumped, I’ve got another question Did Borg ever use the Supermidsize of this version of the Pro One, like it said in Plasma’s photo above? Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Great racquet that I regret selling! Forums New posts Search forums.


The racquets onw now Xenecore frames by Donnay, which tells me that Xenecore is making a bigger push to get into more areas of the sporting goods and mainstream manufacturing market with their material that is already used in the military for sound proofing and shock dampening.

Donnay Pro One Racquet Review

The Donnay head is a bit rounder. Be the first to review this product. Huh still have my orange and grey LTD It was a great stick for me, I owned one in pristine condition until last year before I gave it to my brother in law who also plays college tennis and swears by it too.

Similar to Angell, another niche donnay.