Also works with rt73 driver from Ralink. Works fine for me. Unpack the driver from the exe file using wine, then use bcmwl5. Works fine for me too with WEP. One can find this driver by searching the web for the following filenames:

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No dmesg errors, but no dmesg output about loading drivers either, even though ndiswrapper -l showed cwrdbus drivers there, and the hardware present. The authenticity, accuracy and legality of the content are borne by the seller.

Broadcom Corporation BCM Did it come with software?? One can find this driver by searching the web for the following filenames: Working fine at 11Mbps, WEP also working. Driver available on accompanying CD and on www. Slan that this is just a partial list.

300Mbps Wireless-N Wifi Repeater

The driver labeled v1. Using Aptitude to instaill the ndiswrapper and start working immediately with xse 2. Or will u be using SP2’s wireless network setup wizard, to configure it?? The linux acx driver lacks support for WEP. Successfully tested on Slackware 12, Kernel 2. Version F for Windows XP: Only tested with 1. Little or no config required. Successfully tested on Fedora Core 5.


Not tested beyond a few hours of continuous operation. Only WEP was tested. The USB device may not be plugged in during boot-up.

I’m very happy to be here and that’s why I say everything happens for a reason –

You can download it from here: Since novemberan updated driver is available from http: Note that you much change to only when it appears near or next to 10ec, and leave it otherwise. Use driver for Netgear MAv1 from ftp: Earlier zdaptor later version do not power up the card.

Results 1 to 8 of 8. But after later upgraded to kernel 2. The driver below R Use ndiswrapper and net Card works great under Ubuntu 6.

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Configure it with YAST. I cannot install it in Yast or kwifimanager, only with iwconfig. Our monthly output can reachpieces. Works perfectly with ndiswrapper No idea what revision the dongle is.

Do you have any other PC Cards that you use?