The latest version creates a high density file from two samples one exposed for the highlights and another for shadow detail that is faster and more effective than most multi-pass approaches. Epson Fluid Mount B12B Linux Mac OS 7. Multiply that by slides, you get minutes or about 15 hours of work! The corrections are excellent, sidestepping time-consuming Photoshop steps. As we said a few thousand words ago, it handled everything we threw at it. One essential feature of any film scanner is dust and scratch removal.

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Middle shows medium format negative holder. Or simply better holders. At one time, you can scan 12 slides, 24 frames of 35mm film or two medium format prints.

Its distinctive dark gray and silver squared-off design takes up a corner of our large equipment table, connected to our main systems via a USB 2. The difference is really between a flatbed copier that can perform a film scan trick and a camera that can accurately photograph either film or prints. It’s not a great design for slide mounting, but it works.

The V’s excellent film performance is mirrored in its photo print scanning. It’s the perfect choice for serious photo enthusiasts.

Epson V700

Lets take a close look at the Epson Perfection V Photo scanner. VueScan also has a dust removal function, incidentally, which relies on the scanner’s ability to make an infrared scan of physical defects like Digital ICE.


Just above the Power button, the scanner light indicates the scanner’s status, flashing red for an error, green when working and steady green when ready to scan.

They are simply four or six feet that snap into place on each pervection. The Epson scans were remarkable in recovering both color and detail that were lost on our large Cibachrome prints of these images. Our experience with the Epson Perfection V has been a happy one. The optical character recognition OCR software is also more than adequate and with Microsoft Word integration it’s a cinch to use.

And the holder system uses plastic pins on the right side of the document bed to align the holders on the platen.

Epson Perfection V Photo – Review – PCMag UK

You want highlight and shadow detail and good contrast — to the degree appropriate to the subject. The scanner itself is in great shape and scans my 4×5 pergection to tif format for post-processing in Lightroom.

Aside from the fact that the V boasts a higher resolution dpi against the ‘s dpi images look crisper, cleaner and sharper. If you would like to register as an Epson partner, please click here. One of our test slides, which has a dark tree line against a light sky, provides a demanding test v7000 dynamic range.

Trending Price New. However, anyone knowing Photoshop would know that you can scan the same slide at different exposures to capture light and dark tones and then blend them altogether in Photoshop the specific command escapes me for now.


Here you can do orientation correction selectively, meaning the one that’s upside-down, perfectiin, or inverted can be corrected with a mouse-click. Which tends to spoil the fun. Perfecfion we said a perfectlon thousand words ago, it handled everything we threw at it. They are easier to push out than pull out and when you do, you’ll see the small notches on either leg are not the same height.

You will need the correct adapter to operate. Getting the film into the holder can be a bit of a trial, though. The V enjoys an attractive and simple two-tone design. Because each slide takes time to scan.

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If you buy a scanner, you’ll most likely keep it. Do have like staying indoors in winter?

Installation is easy and simply a case of sitting back and letting the CD install all the various options. Indeed, VueScan author Ed Hamrick cites it as one of the best high-end flatbeds. Mac setup is easy, The Epson software is great, I have seen and heard reviews on other 3rd party scanning software, but to get started the free Epson software was perfect!