Steps to get it working for me: I am reasonably confident all I achieved was changing the environment and not the binary linked to the kernel. I renamed the rtsta. IDdevice string from the output from: Are there any signs of an attempt to connect? I have been trying for endless hours to get this stick working with my newly installed Karmic Koala bit. I cant copy it all as its from a computer that has no internet but amongst them there is a MediaTek Inc.

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Is the ethernet detached as you try to connect? Extract the bz2 file.

Ralink RT based USB Wireless N adapters (Ubuntu) – The Linux Community Forum

I have only found drivers that need to be compiled on the site, who dont work for me. Go to the extracted folder. It does not work with ndiswrapper either. Run “sudo make install” This will also give you some errors and it will exit real quick. Finally, isn’t build-essential on the install CD and therefor installable in Synaptic after you enable the CD as a liux There seems to be a lot of confusion about how to get this WUSBN to work which is why I wanted to post a simpler solution -here- http: I went through the procedures in the first post of this thread, and all seemed to go well apart from some complaints about clock skew Any guidance is appreciated!


Measuring the rate of data transferred or a rate reported by a program like iwconfig? Thanks tvrtuscan, that worked, successfully compiled the driver and the usb wlan is now recognized.

I am really stoked that I rt8270 help you guys out. However, as stated before, I can’t really understand what’s so difficult in making this driver work right out of the box for all kinds of usb-sticks being around for already 3 yrs or maybe even more I hope this will help others.

DrayTek Vigor N61 Has anyone else tried the 2.

I got Ubuntu Still today, I’m heading over the forum after each upgrade of ubuntu sometimes even during the use of the same version when the kernel gets upgraded I verified this with connection info and it does really use And lets keep pushing the manufacturers for Linux driver support! Doing a telnet test to localhost: Working in Mac OS X too. I have no idea what this means, but considering the only things I’ve done to this system since install have been follow this thread’s original tutorial, plus the three steps you recommended, I’m thinking it might have something to do with my problems?


I blacklisted the rt and rt2x00 modules, and under 2. Link is up at Mbps, full duplex Oct 20 What the hell am I missing? There may be better ways of getting this working, if so, please post them.

I noticed there is a rt Don’t forget these steps: I was not able to compile the driver. You do not have to delete it, just change its name so that it does not look like a module.

Looking for Linksys WUSBN (Ralink rt chipset) support.

Plug in your rt usb and connect to your access point. Thanks for any help on the D-link. Yes Just plug in, choose wireless network in networking, and it works in Ubuntu 9. So, according to hints and tips here I blacklisted line of mods and proceeded to install drivers.

Hi, I seem to be getting the same problems as verto8 in earlier posts.