Follow the on-screen instructions. Don’t know about the MFCC You can also back up and insert letters. Print Spooler has stopped. Press a or b to select the country Australia or Newzealand.

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The machine will clean the ink tube system for use for the first time. If you are using a personal Firewall software, see the User’s Guide for your software or contact the software manufacturer. Entering Text Entering Text When you are setting certain menu selections, such as the Station ID, you may need to enter wp3 into the machine.

Mfc j410w prints first page only

I came across your solution and snipped the fifth wire thanks for the photo link. Copyright -Tech Support Forum. You are a genius. Save all packing materials and the carton in case for any reason you must ship your machine.

Press a or b to sl3 the mode. It’s the easiest to set up of all the wireless printers that we’ve reviewed thus far. Press OK when you have entered all the characters, then press 1 for Yes to apply your settings.

Adobe Professional 8 will allow scanning multiple pages into a document I use it all the time. Enter 0 7 for This process will occur only once, the first time ink cartridges are installed. Choose Library, Printers, Brother and then Utilities. Connect one end of the telephone line cord to the socket on the machine marked LINE and the other end to a modular wall socket.


I don’t know how you figured out that cutting wire 5 bypasses the ink sensors but it works perfectly. In 3 minutes your incredibly easy procedure has restored my MFC to complete functionality although I will have to keep a watchful eye on ink levels. The gentleman explained that even thought it was called Print Spooler, it was my laptop. Printing, scanning and networking details On-Line Registration You will be pointed to the Brother Product Registration Web page for quick registration of your machine.

Getting Started Carton components Carton components may vary from one country to another.

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For more information, see Entering Text on pages Page 33 SE is a document management application for scanning and viewing documents. Press a or b to choose LCD Contrast. Unfortunately, inserted memory cards can’t be read over the network, but can only be used as an easy way to print out photos from your digital camera.

To protect your investment and guarantee your print quality please continue to replace consumed ink cartridges mfc-665cq only Genuine Brother Branded Supplies. You will find the LAN socket inside the machine on the left as shown below.


Would you buy this? If all lines are clear and visible, press 1 Yes on the dial pad to finish the quality check. Elect to install the software suite and tell it that you will be installing through a ‘wireless network connection’.

Lift mfc–665cw lock release lever and gently push it until it clicks, and then close the ink cartridge cover.

Disconnect only the center wire 5th cable from either end 4. Remove the protective tape and film covering the scanner glass. If the installation does not continue automatically, open the main menu again by ejecting then reinserting the CD-ROM disc or double-click the sp33. Choosing your language Canada only 5 6 Press Menu.

Wait till either Connected or Connection Error is displayed. Press 1 twice for Yes to accept the change.